Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January's Blogfest: A Great Success

Well the blogfest is over, at least January's blog fest.  It was a great month.  I was asked to be a guest blogger on several different blogs this month, and I had some great posts from some terrific people I know from the Speculative Fiction group over at AQC.

Thanks everyone for coming over and letting me be a guest on your blogs.

This months guests were:

EF Jace - Why EF Jace Writes
Ian Isario - Guest Post BTW interesting tid bit, he lives in Africa and loves fantasy.
Joyce Alton - Our moderator - Pre Writing a cure for Both Writer's Block and Limited Time to Write 
E. M. LaBonte - Staying Motivated
Peter Burton - Fifty More Feet

Thank you all for your time and thoughts.  You've made for some interesting reading and great insights this month.

I was also busy blogging about a lot of different things based on what the host blogger requested.  So here is where I went this month. 

EF Jace's Verbose Veracity - How writing and editing has affected my reading

A conversation about Fantasy Books with Ian Isario
Why I Write Speculative Fiction on Joyce Alton's Blog
E. M. LaBonte's The Realms of a Fantastical Mind - Plotter or Panster?
Peter Burton's A Story Teller's Musings - It Is All in the Delivery
TBruce - on the reluctant Hero.  She will be posting that later, I'll make an announcement when I've the details.

Whew!  What a month!  It has been a fun way to kick off the new year.  I will need to go into my blog links and add a few new blogs to my list.  These fine folks all have great blogs and are working diligently on their craft.  So add them to your blog reading list and stop by from time to time to see what they are up to.

Thursday's post will be on Inventory.  It should be a good one.  Still mulling it around in my mind, but it will be ready on time.  Until then have a great time.



Nemune said...

Good times with Great people! Thanks for hosting Dean. :D

Dean C. Rich said...

You are welcome. Thanks for participating