Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping Those Resolutions

New year, fresh start.  This year is going to be different.

Yes, we all say these things, and start with good intentions, but then life keeps coming and the same old issues plague us and soon all the resolutions are discarded and we kick ourselves for not being stronger, more disciplined, or what ever else comes to mind.

The reason most of these New Year's Vows fail isn't because we give up on them.  They fail because we don't help them to succeed.

Let em explain:  I've planted many a garden.  In the spring I till up the yard, I go to the store and get the seeds, I plant them, I water them, then I get busy and the weeds take over.  Most of my gardens end up a mess.  I've had some successes, but for the most part they don't do well.

We all have habits, and routines.  When we make a resolution to stop smoking, or lose weight, that calls for a change in habits.  We have to decide what is going to take place of the action we've been doing.  Losing  weight calls for change in diet, exercise and sleep.  So when that next doughnut is sitting there and you pick it up and eat it you say, "I'll start tomorrow."  Or "Well I blew that resolution, oh well."

Find a way to get healthy snacks in reach.  Eat smaller portions of things.  Start eating right, then add exercise.  Slowly things will change and the goal to lose weight starts to happen. 

I know I've oversimplified this.  The secret to keeping those resolutions is making small changes in your life so you can.  You want to, you said I will do such and such. Make that commitment to yourself and hold yourself to it.  Replace the thing you want to stop doing, with something you want to do.  That is the secret to keeping those resolutions.

So write the book, lose that weight, stop smoking, start exercising, start reading, turn of the TV and tune into life.  Whatever it is you wanted to do, go for it. 

What is it you want to change and do better in 2012?  What is your game plan?  What do you think?  I'd love to read your thoughts on this.

Have a great 2012!


Unknown said...

Very nice-- and very true. I publicized my resolutions for the year, in hopes that I'll have peer pressure to keep me honest (and I won't be able to say I lost my list of resolutions!)

Here's hoping they stick this year!

Dean C. Rich said...

Good luck! Just keep the commitment to yourself and you should be able to make it.