Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Be Confident or Fake It Till You Make It

I ran across this comedy sketch a while back and I keep going back and watching it again.  I love this. It is from Studio C and they do all sorts of short comedy spoofs on all kinds of things.

Not sure if the embedded link will work or not. So here is the link:

Who wants to be a Millionaire:

I share this video because my favorite part is towards the end when "Regis" asks our contestant "Are you sure?"

His answer speaks volumes.

"I was, until you kept asking if I was sure, and the lights and everyone else saying other things."

Watching this we know the correct answer. We know he has the correct answer, but everyone else is so sure the incorrect answer is in fact, the answer.

It is easy for us to sit on the sidelines and say George Washington. it is so obvious. And yet he capitulates and goes with D. George Washington, against his better judgment.

There is a new reality TV show called Strong. My wife was watching it so by default I watched some of it as well. However there was something said that gave me one of those moments when I thought, "Yeah, that is right."

What I gather from what I saw of Strong is a variation of The Biggest Loser or The Biggest Loser meets Survivor.  10 contestants each have an individual trainer. The pair make a team. They have work out schedules and the trainer is just that helping them to get fit.

As one of the contestants struggled while training the trainer commented that she had the physical strength to run, or jump, or whatever she was required to do, the problem was mental. She had to develop that mental toughness to push past her preconceived limits.

That was my "ah, yes" moment.

The cliché is If you think you can, then you can. It comes back to our own confidence and mental toughness. I like to say, "Life is what happens when you make other plans."

Be confident. Believe in yourself. Life is full of set backs. There are those who say, no it can't be done. So, take what you want to do, write, athletics, business, whatever, believe in yourself. Give yourself the tools needed to do the task or complete the goal you have in mind. But go forward believing in yourself.

Have the coverage to say, "B: Theodore Roosevelt. Final Answer!"