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Blog Ring of Power Interview with Denise Verrico Part V

We finish our five part interview with Denise Verrico here at The Write Time.

If you haven't been following her interview here are the other links to the earlier sections.

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Denise is offering our readers a special treat - leave a comment at any one of the BRoP sites and you will receive a free ebook, Annals of the Immoryls, containing a trio of dark urban fantasy tales featuring characters from Denise's Immortyl Revolution series!

So I am excited to wrap up with Denise.  Welcome to the write time and we are ready to hear some of the wisdom you've picked up on your road to being published.  So lets get started.

Tell us about your route to success – where there any bumps and bruises along the way?

I tell you when I get there.  I see it as a journey, and I’m just at the beginning of the path. I wrote a lot for thirteen years before I felt confident enough to show anyone.  Most of the bruises are self-inflicted.  I should have gotten into a crit group a little earlier and avoided a lot of meandering.

 Why did you decide to go with an indie publisher? Did you use/do you have an agent?

My books are Dark Urban Fantasy with a strong dash of sci fi.  A lot of what is published by big presses is Urban Fantasy with more romance.  My series crosses genre and smaller presses are more open to this.
What are the most important elements of good writing?

A good handle on characterization is vital.  A less is more approach to description and a strong understanding of POV.  Resist the temptation to wallow in the characters’ introspection and feelings.  It’s better to see reactions to situations.  Concise prose without strings of modifiers--choose verbs with strong connotative meanings rather than adjectives and adverbs.  Review your grammar rules. 

What tools are must-haves for writers?

An eye to observation and understanding of human nature.  A good vocabulary.  A thick skin and the ability to take constructive criticism.  Intellectual curiosity.  Imagination.  A Thesaurus, coffee and good wine.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Keep learning and working on the craft.  Read everything you can and pay attention to the world around you.  Write about your passions, not what is selling now--that trend has already passed.

What do you feel is the key to your success

Perseverance and a little wisdom gained through experience.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

I’m always curious to hear your impressions, and I enjoy talking with you about writing.  If you’re a writer, I like to hear about your work.  A writer creates her work not only for herself, but to share with others.   I hope you enjoy the books.

Thank you Denise for interview with us.  We sure enjoyed the time you spent with all of us.  Good luck with your writing and other endeavors. 

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Servant of the Goddess Trade PB and Nook:

Childhood fascination with Vampires serves as Author's inspiration for book series
Vampires have been capturing Urban Fantasy Author Denise Verrico’s imagination since childhood and now she shares that vivid imagination with countless readers throughout the world. Servant of the Goddess, Book Four of the Immortyl Revolution now available.

May 1st, 2012
Columbus, OH – Vampires have been capturing Urban Fantasy Author Denise Verrico’s imagination since her days growing up in Western Pennsylvania and now she shares that vivid imagination with countless readers throughout the world. “My favorite television show as a child was the soap opera Dark Shadows, and my favorite author in the vampire genre is Anne Rice. I like the Gothic and historical aspects of her books. I must give her credit for influencing me,” says Verrico. Readers of the Immortyl Revolution series are taken with the one-of-a-kind twist on vampires that Denise brings forth and in the unique locales in which her writing takes them. Ms. Verrico says, “Inspiration comes a lot from my non-fiction reading. I’ll read about a place or historical period, and I’ll want to create a character to reflect it.”

Servant of the Goddess is the fourth novel of the urban fantasy vampire series written by Denise Verrico. This installment follows up her debut novel, Cara Mia, which introduces the characters and world of Immortyl Revolution and its sequel, Twilight of the Gods and My Fearful Symmetry.  Set in 2001, Verrico’s My Fearful Symmetry introduced a new vampire hero, Cedric MacKinnon, a temple dancer in service to the Goddess Kali, who learns his beauty and speed render him a lethal weapon. “My vampire society originates in India. In my third novel, My Fearful Symmetry, I delve deeper into the origins,” says Verrico.   “In the fourth book, I unite heroine Mia Disantini and Cedric in a way that raises some sparks.  It takes place in NYC in 2001, so there will be momentous events my characters must deal with.”  As in all her novels, Servant of the Goddess maintains a science fiction twist on the genre, action-packed thrills and a touch of romance.

About the author
Ms. Verrico is an Urban Fantasy author and New Jersey native who grew up in Western Pennsylvania. She attended Point Park College and majored in Theatre Arts. For seven seasons, she was a member of the Oberon Theatre Ensemble in NYC. Denise has loved vampire stories since childhood and is a fan of the Dark Shadows television series. Her books are published by L&L Dreamspell Publishing and include: Cara Mia (Book One of the Immortyl Revolution Series), Twilight of the Gods (Book Two of the Immortyl Revolution Series), and My Fearful Symmetry (Book Three of the Immortyl Revolution Series). She currently lives in Ohio with her husband, son, and her flock of seven spoiled parrots.

For excerpts of the Immortyl Revolution Series, character profiles and the Immortyl Lexicon visit

For insider information on the series visit
J Media Communications Group

Servant of the Goddess
Book Four of the Immortyl Revolution
From the ashes of the first battle of the Immortyl Revolution, vampires Mia Disantini and Kurt Eisen set out to build a new Immortyl society. Trouble arrives in the person of Cedric MacKinnon, a runaway adept of the ancient arts, who brings tidings of upheaval at the chief elder’s court that threatens everything Mia and Kurt have accomplished. Mia finds it hard to resist when Cedric pledges his service and tempts her with the legendary skills he learned as an Immortyl courtesan. Facing opposition from both within and out, Mia begins to doubt Kurt is up to the task of leading their followers to his vision of an Immortyl Utopia. Torn between her loyalty to Kurt and Cedric’s insistence that she is the earthly manifestation of the Goddess Durga and destined to lead, Mia confronts the greatest challenge of her life.

  My Fearful Symmetry
Book Three of the Immortyl Revolution
For nineteen-year-old Cedric MacKinnon, the promise of eternal youth and celebrity sounds like a dream come true. It becomes a nightmare when a master vampire plucks the boy from the London streets and spirits him away to India. In the fabled ashram of the adepts of the ancient arts, Cedric undergoes the grueling process of training as a temple dancer and courtesan. With the threat of revolution hanging over court, the chief elder employs the boy he names Shardul in dangerous games of seduction and intrigue. Hated by the chief’s mistress and abused by those he entertains, Cedric struggles with his vision of a violent destiny that seems to come from Kali herself.

Twilight of the Gods
Book Two of the Immortyl Revolution
Narrowly escaping the implosion of Genpath laboratories, vampires Mia Disantini and Kurt Eisen are on the run from Gaius Lupus, their rival in the Forbidden Science.  When Kurt is captured by their enemy and rescued with the aid of feral vampire kids known as sewer rats, Mia witnesses firsthand the charismatic spell her lover casts over these would-be revolutionaries.  Setting up base in Manhattan, Kurt builds his forces, while independent-minded Mia navigates the minefield of sewer rat politics, which she finds very much a man’s world.  With the threat of war with Gaius drawing ever closer, Mia and Kurt face challenges to their relationship and their freedom. 

Cara Mia
 Book One of the Immortyl Revolution
Mia Disantini is a vampire who wants to walk again in the sun.  Enslaved and plunged into the unenlightened Immortyl culture, fiercely independent Mia struggles for freedom.  Trained as her master Ethan’s “Bird of Prey”, she becomes the pawn of their enigmatic elder, Brovik, in his intrigues concerning the forbidden science.  Cast out into the streets of Manhattan by Ethan, Mia finds love and compassion with Kurt Eisen, who shares her slave status and discontent.  Together the lovers steal their masters’ secrets and deliver them to Genpath Laboratories.  Duped and imprisoned by CEO, Lee Brooks, Mia calls upon the aid of neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Ansari.  But Mia and Kurt are hunted for their crime, and time is running out. 

Forget the  fairytale  vampire romance…

Mia Disantini thought she found the man of her dreams, but is trapped in a nightmare from which she can’t wake up. 

Kurt Eisen makes a monstrous bargain to survive a Nazi concentration camp and begins to understand what a monster truly is.

Cedric MacKinnon was once a celebrated vampire courtesan.  Now he’s a deadly assassin, who has cheated death too many times.  

Annals of the Immortyls

A trio of Dark Urban Fantasy tales featuring characters from Denise Verrico’s Immortyl Revolution series. 

Denise Verrico is a New Jersey native who grew up in Pennsylvania.  She is the author of the Immortyl Revolution urban fantasy series published by L&L Dreamspell.  Denise was chosen as a presenter at Ohioana Book Fair in 2011 and 2012, and her books are part of the collection at the State Library of Ohio. Currently, she’s a member of Broad Universe and two writing groups.  She attended Point Park College in Pittsburgh, where she majored in theatre arts, and was a member of The Oberon Theatre Ensemble in NYC with whom she acted, directed and wrote plays. Denise is a roller coaster fanatic and lives in Ohio with her husband, son and flock of six spoiled parrots.

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Olympics - Hopes and Goals - Determination

In my household when the Olympic Games begin, everything stops and we watch the games.  At least we have in years past.  My wife loves the Olympic Games, and after we were married I've learned that the TV stays on the Olympic broadcast, and no fair listening to the news, we have to watch the broadcast and see the moment.  So we have to be careful about news sources so as not to have any spoilers before we get to watch the games.

The 1992 Barcelona Summer Games had some fantastic drama in the 400 meter race.  Derek Redmond who didn't race in the 1988 games because of an injury made it to Barcelona.  The 400 meter race started, and he tore his right hamstring at 250 meters.  He got up off the ground and kept going, stumbled, fell.  His father came down out of the stands and told Derek he didn't need to go on, but Derek insisted he had to finish the race.  With the support of his father he crossed the finish line, last place, but sixty-five thousand people cheered.  Tears flowed freely.  A defining moment about determination.  The race was lost, the goal unfulfilled, but raw determination took him to the end, he finished what he started.

Part of success is simply raw determination.  I heard this poem in 1980, and then found a copy of it.  It has been folded and refolded and read and reread.  I share it now, it means a lot to me, I love the message, and it has helped me push on, even when I don't want to.  It has been a source of inspiration to me for years.

The sports world is full of stories, ABC Sports put it best with the Wide World of Sports, "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."  Life is full of setbacks, in so many areas.  My writing friends all fight up hill battles with their quests to be published, I include myself in this quest as well.  A published writer overcomes so much.  Business world has a lot to deal with, so many challenges, so much success comes through pure, raw, unadulterated determination.

“The Race”

--D.H. Groberg

"Quit!" "Give up, you're beaten!"
they shout at me and plead,
"There's just too much against you now,
this time you can't  succeed."

And as I started to hang my head
in front of failure's face,
My downward fall is broken by
the memory of a race.

And hope refills my weakened will
as I recall that scene,
For just the thought of that short race
rejuvenates my being.

A children's race, young boys, young men;
now I remember well.
Excitement, sure, but also fear;
it wasn't hard to tell.

They all lined up so full of hope. 
Each thought to win that race
Or tie for first, or if not that,
at least take second place.

And fathers watched from off the side,
each cheering for his son,
And each boy hoped to show his dad
that he would be the one.

The whistle blew and off they sped,
as if they were on fire
To win, to be the hero there,
was each young boy's desire.

And one boy in particular,
his dad was in the crowd,
Was running near the lead and thought,
"My dad will be so proud."

But as he speeded down the field,
across the shallow dip,
The little boy who thought to win
lost his step and slipped.

Trying hard to catch himself,
his arm flew out to brace,
And 'mid the laughter of the crowd,
he fell flat on his face.

So, down he fell, and with him, hope. 
He couldn't win it now.
Embarrassed, sad, he only wished
he'd disappear somehow.

But, as he fell, his dad stood up
and showed his anxious face,
Which to the boy so clearly said,
"Get up and win the race!"

He quickly rose, no damage done,
behind a bit, that's all.
And ran with all his mind and might
to make up for the fall.

So anxious to restore himself,
to catch up and to win,
His mind went faster than his legs. 
He slipped and fell again.

He wished he had quit before
with only one disgrace.
"I'm hopeless as a runner now,
I shouldn't try to race."

But, in the laughing crowd he searched
and found his father's face.
That steady look that said again,
"Get up and win the race!"

So, he jumped up to try again,
ten yards behind the last;
"If I'm to gain those yards," he thought,
"I've got to run real fast!"

Exceeding everything he had,
he regained eight or ten,
But trying so hard to catch the lead,
he slipped and fell again.

Defeat! He lay there silently,
a tear dropped from his eye.
"There's no sense running any more. 
Three strikes, I'm out...why try?"

The will to rise had disappeared,
all hope had fled away.
So far behind, so error-prone,
closer all the way.

"I've lost, so what's the use?"
he thought, "I'll live with my disgrace."
But then he thought about his dad,
who soon he'd have to face.

"Get up," an echo sounded low,
"Get up and take your place.
You weren't meant for failure here;
get up and win the race."

With borrowed will, "Get up," it said,
"You haven't lost at all,
For winning is no more than this
--to rise each time you fall."

So up he rose to win once more. 
And with a new commit,
He resolved that win or lose,
at least he wouldn't quit.

So far behind the others now,
the most he'd ever been.
Still, he gave it all he had,
and ran as though to win.

Three times he'd fallen,
stumbling, three times he rose again.
Too far behind to hope to win,
he still ran to the end.

They cheered the winning runner,
as he crossed the line, first place,
Head high and proud and happy;
no falling, no disgrace.

But, when the fallen crossed the finish line,
last place,
The crowd gave him the greater cheer
for finishing the race.

And even though he came in last,
with head bowed low, unproud,
You would have thought he'd won the race,
to listen to the crowd.

And to his dad, he sadly said,
"I didn't do so well."
"To me you won," his father said,
"you rose each time you fell."

And now when things seem dark and hard
and difficult to face,
The memory of that little boy
helps me in my race.

For all of life is like that race,
with ups and downs and all,
And all you have to do to win
is rise each time you fall.

"Quit!" "Give up, you're beaten!"
They still shout in my face,
But another voice within me says,
"Get up and win that race!"

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App Search Part III

There are so many applications for as many different things, games, travel, nutrition, exercise, books, and items we haven't thought of yet.

I have been interested in personal productivity.  With so many different projects and demands on my professional life, a pile of projects I need to take care of in my personal life, and then trying to get myself working better with my writing life, (which isn't doing as well as I'd like right now) and a very tight budget gives me some very specific parameters for a productivity app.

As I stated earlier, I have an android phone, and I am looking for something free.  I know free means adds, but that is fine, as long as the app will help me out.

I found an app that I really like.  I've been setting it up and investing in the time learning how to use it, but with everything it does I think it is worth doing.  The app I have started using and find it works well is Evernote.  The icon is an elephant, as in elephants never forget.

Unlike the other apps that limit syncs per day unless you pay to use it more, this app updates to the web.  It gives you a web site to go to on your computer.  So you can do planning and working with the app on your computer, laptop, or tablet.  Then when you are on the phone app it is all right there.  When you use the phone app, it uploads to the web and you can access it from the internet on your other computer devices.

This gives you the ability to use a full keyboard and the computer power.  It also gives you the mobile flexibility of your android phone.

The app itself allows you to build as many notebooks as you'd like.  I've set up a notebook for work, home, personal goals, writing, and projects.  Each notebook holds as much as you'd like.  even add sub notebooks.  You can attach photos to things, use the mic in the phone for dictation, build checklists, the gps allows you to make notes per location, tags and notes.  Evernote even has it's own blog.

So for me, Evernote has the things I've been looking for to help me get better organized and productive.

However, like any tool, it only works if you use it.  I'll have tips about those things as well. I've got some learning and things to do myself, but I'll share as I go.

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Blog Ring of Power Interview with Janet Beasley

Today is part IV or the five part interview with Janet Beasley.

Here is the schedule for Janet's BRoP Interview:

Part 1 @ Teresa - Thursday, July 12th
Part 2 @ Sandra - Friday, July 13th
Part 3 @ Emily - Monday, July 16th
Part 4 @ Dean - Tuesday, July 17th
Part 5 @ Terri - Wednesday, July 18th

So today Janet stops by The Write Time to discuss her Current work.

Welcome Janet, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Janet Beasley; Epic Fantasy Novelist and Scenic Nature Photographer. I am the author of the newly released epic fantasy series Hidden Earth Volume 1 Maycly – Parts 1, 2, and 3.

     I was born and raised in Beavercreek, Ohio where I was a proud 1979 graduate of Beavercreek High School. I now reside in central Florida and love hanging out together with family and friends for food and fun.

     According to those who know me, I’m outgoing, fun, very creative and always try to look on the sunny side of life. Now granted, some of these folks haven’t had the opportunity to catch me on a bad day. You know, like in my writer’s den, when I’m birthing ideas and trying to write them down as fast as they come to me it gets a little hair-raising and the dog looks at me with that “look” where they tilt their head and just stare at you like you’re crazy at the moment…which you are…but you don’t let them know that!

     I’m an animal lover, with dogs being number one on my list. I love to travel. Discovering new places and meeting new people from other lands is always a thrill. I enjoy hangin’ with family - kayaking, hiking, photographing nature, and baking cupcakes.

Tell us about your new book and when it is out? Where can people purchase it? 

I'm happy to announce that Hidden Earth Volume 1 Maycly Parts 1, 2, and 3 released on February 26, 2012 in the collector's paperback edition. It contains all three parts, over 70 black and white illustrations, 10 maps, teaser recipes, family trees, and more. Each part is a separate ebook and contains corresponding color illustrations, teaser recipe, and other back matter. There all available on Amazon and also through the KOLL. Just go to and type in Maycly Janet Beasley and you'll go right to it.

Is there anything new, unusual, or interesting about your book? How is it different from other books on the same subject? 

Maycly is not just a novel, it's a complete package! There are two companion books - the first, "The Chukkons Say, 'Ye Need ta Be a-seein' Maycly" (a full color illustration book complete with detailed descriptions of the animals, plants, and such) which will be released mid May 2012. 

And the second, "More Than Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup" ( boasting the restaurants on Maylcy, it will be a full scale cook book filled with restaurant owner histories, menus, recipes, illustrations, and photos) slated for late summer. Maycly also has its own paraphernalia shop where fans can shop for the latest trends all featuring some of their favorite characters, animals, plants, and more - both good and evil. 

And as if that's not enough, Gramma Hilda's Doggie Delights™ have made a huge come back, this time as the favored treats of dogs on Maycly. (I used to own a bakery and a "BARK"-ery. The gourmet dog treats are family recipe that's been around since the 80s, and the bakery confections are all original recipes developed by me. AND yes, the recipes for both will be in the cook book).

What was the hardest part of writing this book? 

Being so far away from my sis who serves as my full time illustrator, proofreader, and editor. She lives in Michigan, and I'm in Florida. All I can say is thank goodness for internet phones!

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why? 

I would have to say that would be when a puppy shows up on Iona's doorstep. Why? I can't really tell you in detail because it would be a spoiler alert...but let's just say it will warm your heart.

Did you learn anything from writing this book and what was it? 

I learned that for big dreamers, nothing is impossible!

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in this book? 

Not one thing.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

When it comes down to brass tax it's not about grasping any certain thing, but more so that my readers and fans would be encouraged to make every day count, be kind to others, and not to discount the fact that there may just be a higher power who can help you through your toughest times.

Tell us about your book’s cover – where did the design come from and what was the design process like? 

The cover design was an intense project. We wanted to use my sis's illustrations. we began marketing Maycly at least 1 year before it released. First thing we did was create 6 covers using the top six illustrations we felt best drew in the readers, and gave a good representation of the genre. We crafted a "show" board and I began hitting the book show circuit at local libraries, as well as put the 6 covers on my website for people to vote on. When it came time for the cover to be designed, we handed over the top three illustrations, and thanks to our pagination and graphic design expert, Connie Thompson - author of A Fascination for Feathers - she was able to narrow it down and manipulate the favorite test cover into a very well received cover that gains attention and compliments right and left!

Other cyber cites to find Janet.

Facebook page:
Goodreads author page:
Twitter: @AuthorJanetB
Smashwords: N/A
Other:  (a page for fans to chat and post about the cool things of Maycly)

What format is your book(s) available in (print, e-book, audio book, etc.)? 

The collector's edition paperback is 744 pages. It contains all 3 parts, and includes over 70 b/w illustrations, maps, teaser recipes, family trees, and more. 

Ebooks: Each part is a separate ebook, sold separately through Amazon. Each ebook contains color illustrations, the map of Maycly, and corresponding back matter.