Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guest blogging and guest bloggers

Writing is no longer a solitary endeavor.   True, the writer has to take the time to write the story, and only the writer can write it.  However with the internet and on line communities and workshops and blogs, and books and, and, and....  The writer is no longer all alone.  Several months ago I joined an online community: Agent Query Connect.  I was under the false impression my book was ready to query and publish so I was looking for an agent and stumbled upon this writer's forum.  I joined.

Life hasn't been the same since.

I participated in a writing marathon last summer and learned a lot of things about my book.  Now I'm in the process of rewriting.  (That isn't nearly as fun as writing fresh and creating, but hey writing is work after all, at least some aspects of it.)  

So chat groups, critique partners, Beta Readers, and the local writer's groups all play a part in helping the writer improve his/her craft.  Yes, all this takes time, but the sharing helps so much.  After all the story does come first.  I love all the help I've found with my writing, and I think I've given some good advice to fellow writers as well as I try to give back.  It has been great to rub virtual shoulders with some wonderful writers in the forums and chat rooms.  If you haven't joined any writing groups or forums you really should think about finding one and participating.  It will help with your writing. 

So one of my favorite places in the forum is the Speculative Fiction Group. (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, and other genres that explore with demons, magic, future, past, alternate realities, other dimensions, I think you get the idea.) 

So the Spec Fic group is doing a blog jump this month.  Members are writing guest posts for other members.  So I'll be posting links to other blogs this month as I try and help my writing friends with their blogs.  I also invite them to share their ideas here on The Write Time.  So, hopefully, January will be a great month to stop in and see what is going on with guest bloggers and links to other blogs where I'll be a guest as well.

Here is to a wonderful start of 2012.  May you achieve all you hope to do this year.


Suzanne Payne said...

I think most writers just starting out think they're ready before they really are. I was the same way until I, like you, found AQC. Boy...did I have a lot to learn. Lucky for us, writing is a skill that can be learned and polished. I've improved since I started a few years ago, but still have a way to go yet.
I'm glad to have met you and am glad to be able to call you a Twitter/writer buddy. :)
You'll have to hop over to my blog at some point and do a guest spot.

Dean C. Rich said...


Isn't it great to have all these resources? The web offers so much, but there is a time to hit that x in the corner of the browser and pull up the story and write!

Of course I'll come over and do a guest spot on your blog. PM me or DM me and let me know what you'd like and I'll do my level best to get it to you.

Have a great new year!