BRoP Author Interviews

Cole Gibsen's Interview

T.W. Fendley part one of the interview on her blog.

Part two of the interview is on E. M. LaBonte's blog The Realms of a Fanatical Mind

 Part Three on Sandra Ulbrich Almazan's blog

Part Four on The Write Time

Part Five Terri Bruce's blog

Rebecca Hamilton's Interview

Rebecca Hamilton, whose debut paranormal young adult novel, THE FOREVER GIRL, was just released in January .

Sue Burke's Interview

Part I: on Wednesday March 14th
Part II: The Writing Life T.W. on Thursday, March 15th
Part III: The Creative Process  - E.M. LaBonte's Realms of a Fantastical Mind on Friday, March 16th
Part IV: The Technical Aspects  - Sandra Ulbrich on Monday, March 18th

And Part V will be hosted here, on The Write Time.

Darke Conteur's Interview

Here is Part II

 Darke and I will be chatting here for Part III on Tuesday

Part IV will be on Wednesday at Terri's blog.'

and Teresa will conclude with Part V on Thursday.

 Alma Alexander's Interview

Part 1: About Alma -  @ Terri

Part 2: The Writing Life -  @ Teresa

Part 3: The creative process -  @ Emily

Part 4: About Alma's current work -  @ Sandra. 

Part 5: The Business of Writing - @ Dean

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