Where I've Been

I’ve done blog swaps and guest posts.

Here are some of the places I’ve been.

J Lea Lopez's Jello World Guide to Successful Blogging Part 2 July 9, 2011

GreenWoman’s blog Love is a Verb July 20, 2011

Writercherie's blog: Ready, Write Go: Friday's Musings July 2011

J.W. Troemner's blog Questions and Archetypes: Just Write August 2011

Riley Redgate's blog: In the Jungle: Working backward to go forward September 29, 2011

Cat Woods' blog Words from the Woods Life is like...Bacon October 10, 2011

Joyce Alton's Yesternight's Voyage Friendship Post #2

Mindy McGinnis' Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire What Color was the Horse?

EF Jace's Verbose Veracity - How writing and editing has affected my reading

A conversation about Fantasy Books with Ian Isario

Why I Write Speculative Fiction on Joyce Alton's Blog

E. M. LaBonte's The Realms of a Fantastical Mind - Plotter or Panster?

Peter Burton's A Story Teller's Musings - It Is All in the Delivery