Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Taking time to smell the roses

I'm taking time to smell the roses.

Family coming in from out of town, so I'm off to catch up on things.  Setting priorities is always something I worry about.  However, family is near the top if not at the top of the priority list.  So I'm going to practice what I preach and put some things on hold in order to take care of other things.

Sometimes you have 10 lbs of potatoes and only a five pound bag.  Priorities help you to decide which potatoes need to go into the bag.  I'll discuss this in two weeks as well.  In the meantime everyone have a Happy New Year. 

Next week I plan on posting about new years resolutions, and the week after that weekly goals.

Have a prosperous and happy new year in 2012.


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Unknown said...

smell away! See you next year, he he ;)