Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keeping Enthusiasm in Your Life

The other day was a red letter day for my daughter.  She had me take her down to the DMV.  She wanted to get her learner’s permit.

My wife and I gave her a copy of the driving rules at Christmas.  During spring break we had an opportunity to go get the learner’s permit.  One day window.

So she studied that book.  We drilled her as we drove around about what this sign meant, or what those stripes in the road meant.  So we were out of the house by 7:30 AM and had her in line before the DMV opened.

She was so nervous!  And she was so excited about going.  She passed the test she was so nervous about taking.

However, she was so excited about getting that permit.  She posted to her friends on facebook, and told everyone she saw today that she got her permit.

Kids know how to market, network, self promote.  She was so excited about things today.  All day her exuberance continued.

That got me to thinking about running a business.  Networking, promoting, marketing. getting the word out, making the sales.  The similarities were amazing.  For her, she is excited about this aspect of her life, for someone in sales, or a writer, or a small business owner, the same things apply.  Get out there and make things happen, and be enthused and excited about what you are doing.

Enthusiasm, it keeps one young.

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