Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are Your Resolutions Toast? There is hope

It is the 10th of January, and most New Year’s Resolutions are now... toast.


Most resolutions are made without much thought or plans to make them successful.
The #1 New Year’s resolution: lose weight.   

How are these resolutions made?  I’ve seen them made first hand.  After a big family dinner someone inevitably says, “I’m going to lose weight.”

So January rolls around and the good intention to lose weight is at full strength.  But it is New Years Day, family around, football, and before the day is over the good intentions have been dashed and “oh, well, later then.”

The only way to make a goal work, is to make a plan.  Change has to have a resolution, an inner drive, a strong desire to achieve something.

I think I’ll lose weight does not carry a commitment, a plan.

I’ll write a book.

Same thing.  What ever the goal is, the desire, the wish must have a plan for success.
To follow the weight loss goal, a change in diet, a plan in place for exercise must be put in place.  Help from family and friends.  If someone in the family is going on a diet, then by default the whole family will have to make changes in their diets as well. 

For a writing a book there are things that need to be put in place.  Monthly, weekly and daily goals on words  written, research, and editing.

Write the goals as if they have already happened.  I have a published book.  I wear (insert size of clothes here) size clothes.

So if your resolutions are now toast, pull them out and make a plan to make them work.  

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