Thursday, October 11, 2012

Time Matrix: Quadrant IV

Steven Covey wrote about the Time Matrix in his book 7 Habits.  I've studied and worked with Time Management tools for several years.  So I am going to share some of my own insights to this Matrix I started talking about last week.

Today I want to focus in on Quadrant IV of the Time Matrix. Quadrant IV is the bottom right of the Matrix, not important, not urgent.  This quadrant can be called Time Waster.  Although we need down time.

Currently my life is very stressful.  There needs to be an escape.  Quadrant IV is the place to go.  Talking on the phone with friends, Games, TV, Movies.  Basically vegging out.  Now you don't want to spend a lot of time in Quadrant IV, you lose productivity.  Some time in Quadrant IV can be beneficial.

This year I was able to take a vacation. The first time in several years. The vacation was built in quadrant II, planning and execution.  July 4, 2012 found me at a lake with my In-Laws.  A family member had a boat, and took the kids out, then took all the moms and girls out, then he came in and took the guys out.  We started off wave jumping, flipping the nephews off the inner-tubes.  Then we pulled into a cove threw out the anchor and shut the boat down.  Everyone had on life jackets and we jumped into the lake and floated.  That was it, just floating around the boat in a cove.  For me it was relaxing and a nice escape from the demands I face daily. 

We enjoyed a swim, returned home and reentered the daily grind, but the trip away was great.  I returned home recharged and ready to get back to work.  Time in Quadrant IV can be beneficial, but too much time in the quadrant will create more urgent items that need attention and build stress into your life. 

My sons enjoy playing computer games, but I have to watch how much time they spend playing, because they can get lost in cyberspace resulting in poor grades, and weakened social and family relationships.

So quadrant IV is a fun place to be, but don't spend too much time here.  Productivity and relationships will suffer if too much time is spent with non important items.  Take a look at where your free time is spent.  Is it building relationships and bringing fulfillment to your life?  Does it help relieve stress?  Or does it create more stress because of missed opportunities?

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