Thursday, July 12, 2012

App Search Part II

I've been looking at the different organizational Apps for the Android Smart Phones.  Last time I talked about Notebook.  Today I am taking a look at Task Manager.

Task manager is a fun little app.  It allows you to make lists, you can set up different lists work, personal, and whatever other types of lists you want to track. 

The fun little aspect of the app is when you are done it draws a line thru the completed item.  When you have a bunch of lined out items you shake the phone and the completed items dissapear. 


So it works well. 

My complaint is that I cannot take notes with this app.  It sets priorities, and helps you remember to get things done, so it is a good little app to have.  For me I also want something that I can take notes with and help with reminders and such.  For tracking tasks and completing items, it does the job.