Thursday, July 19, 2012

App Search Part III

There are so many applications for as many different things, games, travel, nutrition, exercise, books, and items we haven't thought of yet.

I have been interested in personal productivity.  With so many different projects and demands on my professional life, a pile of projects I need to take care of in my personal life, and then trying to get myself working better with my writing life, (which isn't doing as well as I'd like right now) and a very tight budget gives me some very specific parameters for a productivity app.

As I stated earlier, I have an android phone, and I am looking for something free.  I know free means adds, but that is fine, as long as the app will help me out.

I found an app that I really like.  I've been setting it up and investing in the time learning how to use it, but with everything it does I think it is worth doing.  The app I have started using and find it works well is Evernote.  The icon is an elephant, as in elephants never forget.

Unlike the other apps that limit syncs per day unless you pay to use it more, this app updates to the web.  It gives you a web site to go to on your computer.  So you can do planning and working with the app on your computer, laptop, or tablet.  Then when you are on the phone app it is all right there.  When you use the phone app, it uploads to the web and you can access it from the internet on your other computer devices.

This gives you the ability to use a full keyboard and the computer power.  It also gives you the mobile flexibility of your android phone.

The app itself allows you to build as many notebooks as you'd like.  I've set up a notebook for work, home, personal goals, writing, and projects.  Each notebook holds as much as you'd like.  even add sub notebooks.  You can attach photos to things, use the mic in the phone for dictation, build checklists, the gps allows you to make notes per location, tags and notes.  Evernote even has it's own blog.

So for me, Evernote has the things I've been looking for to help me get better organized and productive.

However, like any tool, it only works if you use it.  I'll have tips about those things as well. I've got some learning and things to do myself, but I'll share as I go.

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