Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interview with Alisa Jeruconoka on her supernatural fantasy fiction

Today I've the pleasure of introducing Alisa Jeruconoka, from London, England. She is e-publishing her supernatural fantasy book, Unparallel Worlds. I met Alisa on Twitter and she agreed to an interview on her new book. So here are my questions and her answers.

What is the status of your manuscript?

‘Unparallel Worlds’, is currently being edited, so I hope to have a release date and book cover by the middle of November 2011. I will then upload ‘Unparallel Worlds’ to Kindle at Amazon, Goodreads and Smashwords.

The story will be written over three books. The first release is supernatural fantasy fiction, which is called ‘Unparallel Worlds’, the second book of the series will be urban fantasy (no name as yet), the third and final book in the series will return to fantasy.

Did you use any beta readers?

Yes, but these were mainly friends and family who graduated in Arts& Literature. Although it’s a well-known fact that you can’t really rely on family and friends feedback to be honest and critical…but…I can assure you that before publishing every opinion counts. Here are a couple of quotes from established authors, which made me realise how important it is to have support from friends and family:

Neil Gaiman in ‘NeVerwhere’ acknowledged his appreciation for Lenny Henry, friend and colleague, ‘Who made it happen all the way…’

Alan Campbell in ‘Scar Night’ dedicated his first novel to his Dad, ‘Who has never failed to do everything he could to achieve my dreams and ambitions…’

And ,finally, Cassandra Clare in the ‘Mortal Instruments’ said ‘How quickly the whole thing would sink…if you didn’t have the help of your friends…’

But, please don’t get me wrong beta readers are important. You can ask for help on your own blog, website even on Facebook. Good luck

Do you have any critique partners?

Not at the moment. I’m about to register on a free site called ‘Critique Circle’.

I’ve found a very useful ‘Kindle Boards Community Centre’ where you can always turn for an advice, suggestions and comments.

Or you can join the clubs on where a lot of people are ready to help.

TRUST is the key to accepting criticism on these types of forum.

Are you self- editing, or did you hire a copywriter to edit your manuscript?

I felt that I needed to hire an editor. The thing is ‘THE FINAL STEP’ is a very challenging and time-consuming process. The novel is completed and you immediately want to tell the world about it. However, a fresh perspective from outside your bubble is very beneficial before you embark on the journey of publishing.

Why self publish?

As a first time author, in order to get the debut noticed I think it’s very important to try out different channels to get as much exposure as possible.

Did you think about getting an agent and publishing the traditional way with a book publisher?

In an ideal world this would be the easiest way to publish, attracting interest via the traditional route is a battle in itself. This is my first novel, it is at this stage, easier to go down the self- publishing route as at least the book will be out there and available for people to read.

When do you write?

I would love so much to spend all my time writing. This has become my passion, my release, I mainly write during the night through to dawn sometimes seven days a week dependent on inspiration.

How do you balance your life?

It’s very hard at the moment to balance life, but you manage, I have three great passions, my toddler, a very supportive husband and of course writing. So with a lot of juggling all three can be nurtured.

Any advice for other writers?

I myself, take great inspiration from the author P.J. Hafner who once said ‘Get from "Aspiring" to "Published and Selling" as soon as you can, make sure there are no typo's, etc, then get the next book started, and do the same with that one. Numerous titles from an author can find a readership like nothing else.’
On top of this, ignore writer's block...and never pay for advertising. I would instead suggest frequenting sites such as Kindle Boards, and to make a bunch of Listmanias on Amazon, which relate to your book, once your title appears on Amazon.’’

What do you attribute to your success?

Experiences in my life, visiting beautiful places around the world and my imagination

I put a brief synopsis of my book on Facebook (‘page ‘Unparallel Worlds’) and once the book is out I will put a brief video on YouTube. Please check my website Unparallel Worlds and you can find me on Twitter: @granuk or Facebook or Goodreads

- Alisa Jeruconoka!

book cover copy-write 2011 used by permission

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