Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time Tip - Another tool to keep your life organized and effective.

I’ve covered using a calendar, having one to put all your activities on. I’ve also talked about color coding activities to help keep yourself organized. There is another tool at your disposal, if you are on line a lot and are always into your e-mail and love getting updates. This nifty online gadget is the Google Calendar.

If you use Google a lot check out their calendar. The advantage with online calendar it will work with you online systems. It sends e-mail reminders for your appointments. It has colors so you can color code your activities.

Because Google Calendar is online you can access it from any computer. This gives added flexibility and ease of use, two key factors in using anything. True there is a learning curve, and yes it does take up some time to use it, however, the benefits outweigh the time frame. So if you are wired and busy, take a look at using the Google Calendar, it may be the tool you need to finally get it all together.

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