Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Time Tip - Sticky Notes

Last week Mindy aka BBC was talking about how she organizes herself. She mentioned sticky notes and had a picture of her desk and noted her sticky notes. That reminded me of this picture.

The sticky note is a great temporary permanent tool. Yes, an oxymoron. I use the post-it/sticky note when I do interviews. I cannot write on the applicant’s application but I can write on a sticky note and post it on the application. It doesn’t fall off and it stays with the file – permanent. Yet if I decide to hire the individual, I can pull the sticky note off the document and throw the note away, thus temporary.

The sticky note can be used as a tool. I don’t recommend it as the way to organize, but they can be used as “note to self” type things. Reminders in conspicuous places, such as the bottom of your computer monitor, bathroom mirror, or on your calendar. I recommend having a calendar/planner where you put all your appointments, but there are times where you don’t have access to that. The sticky note works for a quick note to put somewhere to remind you of the event. You can put them in your planner for a quick jog when things are hectic. Then when you have a moment, or when you organize your day you can refer to your temporary note and move the information to the calendar/planner. My current job does not lend itself to having a planner on hand. So I too use some sticky note system for some reminders on the bottom of the computer screen. Phone numbers for one time calls. Or like Mindy aka BBC does, web address to do research with on the monitor.

That about covers the sticky note idea. I’ve another tip in mind for next week. What do you use sticky notes for? Please share.

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