Thursday, April 21, 2016

Change is Possible

I ran across this meme on Facebook a year or two ago. I saved it thinking it would make a great post. Then I went back to my grind.

When I had left the food industry a few years ago I vowed I would not return. Yet the non-food service job I had did not have a bright future. So when another food service General Manager job opened up and they asked me to run a store for them I took it. The store swallowed me. I was back to working 12 to 16 hour days. Some days arriving home so tired I’d crawl into bed just to get up in a few hours and drag myself back to work. That is where I’ve been for the last year. At work or in bed. 

It makes it real tough to do much else. I have other priorities, but putting food on the table seems to take precedence over other things. So other things have slid, and unfortunately writing was one of those activities that seems to take a hit when things get stressful and hectic.

Yet I wanted to make a change. Thus the meme with the three C’s. I had to make a choice. I needed out of the food industry. I had the job because I needed to do something to provide for my family. That is like, number one priority, make sure my family is taken care of. Albeit the job just barely fulfilled that requirement. Not complaining, just stating where I was at. Yet I had no job satisfaction. Oh, there were moments when things were great, but for the most part I was behind and always stressed. I was not in my happy place.

So I chose to find something different, something better. I like having my weekends free to do things with my wife and kids. I like being home in the evenings so I can attend things at the High School, or go out, or stay in. The point is I’m going out or staying in with my wife and kids. Doing things with the people who matter most. And running a restaurant does not allow that type of lifestyle. So I am fundamentally unhappy with the situation, I must make a change.

I like computers, databases, programming. I am good at the database thing and computers. So I opted to work on certifications with computer things. That was my choice.

Then the miracle happened - a job that fit what I wanted became available. Now I had to move to the second of the three C’s - Chance

I had to take the chance. Take the job, give the two week notice and venture across the country to begin a new job and changing my life.

Because once I made the Choice to look, and take the chance on leaving the old and venturing into the new the Change happened.

This change is for the better. My stress levels are way lower than they have been in a decade. I find fulfillment in the chosen work I am now doing. I have energy to pursue other things. I have a long list of things that need my attention. 

I am committed to this blog. As I evaluate time constraints and my priorities I’ll make decisions on where my focus and attention needs to be. So keep an eye out, as I do plan on blogging here once again. Hopefully I’ll have insights that others will find interesting and inspiring.  

So if you are not happy with where you are, or a project you are working on take a look at these three C’s
Make a choice. Keep going, give up, or find/do something different

Once the choice is make take the chance. Take the plunge - Do it

Then the changes start to happen. If you have a good plan and are working things the right way you may find the positive changes you are seeking.

I am on a new journey now, and so far it isn’t disappointing.  

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