Thursday, September 26, 2013

Notebook Anyday

In my quest to stay organized and be productive I've tried all sorts of tools.

My favorite by far is the Franklin Planner, but the cost is prohibitive.  I've had a few jobs that have provided me with the Franklin Planner.  My first job even had a training video that I watched.  Some of that material I learned in that training I've shared here in my blog.

I have tried several apps for my phone.  There are several that I do like.

I feel that there are some disadvantages to the apps and all the technology.  Technology is great, when it works.  When the battery needs to be recharged any data you are looking for has to wait.

I work in a noisy environment.  So being able to put my phone on speaker to access the info from the apps is hard if not impossible.

The real kicker for me is I am so visual I can't find the things I am looking for.  What did I name it?  How long ago did I save it?  Where did I save it?  Did I delete it?

So I found a pen I really like, and I got a mead composition book at Wal-mart.  I can find my notes I've written, no battery.  If I wrote on the left side of the page, it is still on the left side of the page.  If the battery in my phone needs to be rechareged, I can still open the notebook and find the information I am looking for.

I love the gadgets, but sometimes a pen and paper wins.

The main thing is this:  Find something that works for you, and keep at it.  Being organized is partly a matter of self discipline and staying with things.

So after all my looking I find I like to write things with a pen in a notebook.  There is just something about writing it down that works for me.


Randall said...

I find that lately I have been drifting back to pen and paper for all kinds of uses as well. I have a colleague who is fond of saying, "He who lives by the electron, dies by the electron." You don't have to worry about that when you work with paper!

Dean C. Rich said...

Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways.

The ability to write something down also helps one remember what was written.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting


Unknown said...

With nine computers in the office, plus smart phones, IPads, we all use a pen and note books....can't beat old school.

Dean C. Rich said...

I agree, tonight my battery is used up on my cell phone. I can't get to phone numbers, or my online apps.

Granted it is plugged in and I can get to things I need to, but it gets to be inconvenient.