Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Power of Five

When I have a project, like painting, or cleaning I like to dig in and spend the day working on it.  I remember many a Saturday working in the yard, or organizing the garage.  At the end of the day a pile of trash is by the curb awaiting disposal.  Something about completing a job and seeing the results just makes my day.

However, now life has become very hectic and a full Saturday to do a major project is no longer mine. 
I have discovered the power of five.  Instead of taking on a huge project and dealing with it in a day.  I take a section and just get a little bit done.  Then another day take on another section.  Over time the project is done.

I also like to read.  I used to be able to sit and read most of an afternoon.  So now when I get a moment I read a page or two.  I eventually get to read the whole book, but it doesn’t happen like it used to.

It is amazing just how much can be accomplished in just five minutes.  Set a timer, have a plan, work with what you can.  But don’t let five minutes pass, a lot can happen in just five minutes.

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