Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skills and Traits for Success

Values, Priorities, Motivation, Attitude, Determination.  Items I’ve blogged about, items I feel help to make you successful.  A winner.  If not that, at least feel better about yourself and your lot in life, or give you things to change your lot in life.

How do you accomplish things?  To accomplish anything it takes skill, and it takes some character traits. 

Today I want to focus a bit on writing.  I love to write.  I would like to think I am good at it, some of you think so, you’ve been following my blog.  For that, thank you. 

However, I would like to publish the life long work I’ve been chipping away at for years.  Although it isn’t ready, and that is another topic. 

I do have an accomplishment.  I have four complete manuscripts.  Four books.  Are they ready for an agent, or an editor, or publication.  Sadly, no.  I do have some people willing to beta read, and I do have a crit partner.  So I am better than I was. 

But to accomplish getting all the words down on paper took a lot of work.  And today I want to list some of the skills or traits needed for that accomplishment.  In the following weeks we can explore each trait a bit more in depth.  For right now I am going to list them, in no particular order, just ten traits that I thought of that helped me get this far in my quest for publication.

1. Creativity
2. Determination
3. Personal Drive
4. Motivation
5. Organization
6. Fearlessness
7. Vision
8. Work Ethic
9. Positive Attitude
10. Problem Solving

I am sure with more thought I could add more items to this list, but these came to mind when I stopped to think about it.  Besides it gives me some focus on more items to blog about.  So in the weeks to come we will explore some of these traits, that did help me with my writing, but with other aspects of my life as well.

Nothing you achieve is due to any one thing, but a collection of many things.  What are some of the skills or traits you’ve used to accomplish things in your life?

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