Friday, August 31, 2012

Life's Little Challenges

Hurricane Isaac has finally left.  He stayed and blew and rained, and rained, and rained.  I live far enough from the coast here in Mississippi that we just got a lot of rain, and fortunately didn't loose power.  Those on the coast are not as fortunate.  Homes are flooded, power disrupted.  Life is chaotic right now.

For myself we weathered the storm okay.  My oldest son did fine as well.  He just north of New Orleans.  He came up to ride out the storm.  My grandson jumped and played in puddles and is having a grand time with his grandmother.  My son brought some friends as well, they are amazed at what is going on.

Then my son got word that his neighborhood flooded. His home is on the highest spot in the area, but he fears his house took water.  Roads are closed, he can not get in to the area to see what transpired in his absence.

I had a long chat with him about the goings on.  He was at his in-laws.  They decided to evacuate and leave the area, a smart move.  Had he and his young family stayed the water would be coming in their home.  His 1 year old son and wife would have been out in the elements.  Rain and wind whipping around them as they awaited someone to get them out of the flooded area.  Instead they were in a warm dry home miles from the flooding.

My son has a good attitude and a can do approach to life.  He just bought and moved into the home last month.  A life changing moment is upon him.  I am watching to see what will happen.  I am hopeful that he treats this as a set back.  His family is safe and sound.  He has lost things.  Things can be replaced.  He already has a contractor lined up to help with repairs.  He has insurance.  I plan on going down to see first hand the damage to the home and help him get set to rebuild.

His attitude will be the key in how things progress from here.  Take it in stride, regroup and go on?  If so this is just a set back.  Or will he throw up his hands, loose his job and become sullen?  Will this become a big issue?

I believe he will keep his good optimistic attitude and forge ahead.  I've seen this area grow over the last seven years.  Everyone has helped each other out.  Katrina is a memory.  The place has been recovering.  Now Isaac has flooded things out.  I see everyone joining together and helping again. 

Life has storms.  How we react is our choice.  Attitude will determine everything.  It isn't easy.  Then again life isn't easy.  Make sure problems just become setbacks. 

I'll keep you posted.



Angie Sandro said...

Hi Dean,
I'm glad your family is safe. I have family in New Orleans, but I heard they're safe too. You're so right about property. They can be replaced. Lives can't.

Dean C. Rich said...

Thanks Angie,

My son was able to get home today. He had help and they have torn out the wet carpets and the floors. Not sure if they will need to rip out wall board yet or not, but the clean up has started, repairs are next. He is keeping a good attitude. So this will be a set back, and he will become stronger because of it.

T.W. Fendley said...

Hey, Dean -- so glad everyone is okay, but sad to hear about your son's home. As you say, attitude is everything, and "things" are not people. Wishing your family the best as you go through this.