Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Ring of Power Interview with Tiffany Heiser

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Today's Blog Ring of Power Guest is Tiffany Heiser, she writes YA Urban-Paranormal Fantasy.  We are discussing the creative process.

Where do you get your story ideas?
All of my ideas in some way or another have originated from very vivid dreams. After that its my characters who I feel create the story they want to tell. They show me what needs to happen next.

How do you deal with writer's block?
I read, or play a game, or something other than sitting at a blank piece of paper. If I put my mind and thoughts into something other than writing, for some strange reason ideas pop into my head. Seems to work every time.

Are you a “plotter” or a “pantser” (do you plan/outline the story ahead of time or write “by the seat of your pants”)?
I started off as a “plotter” with Bonded. I did an outline and set everything up from the very beginning to the very end. And then...I started writing and immediately that outline went out the window. So after that...I have decided to become a “pantser”. Like I said before the characters take on a life of their own in my opinion, and I can't control them once they start going.

Do you use critique partners or beta readers? Why or Why not?
I use critique partners and beta readers. They, I feel, are a necessity to the writing process. People that will read your work and let you know what they think, and those that can help correct your mistakes. Writers become too close to what they have written that you always need a fresh pair of eyes eventually.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging to write?
In the novel, once I have come up with the storyline, I have a hard time writing the beginning. That first grab-your-interest sentence. It takes a while for something to stick out, but once it pops into my head the story flows from there.

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