Thursday, June 28, 2012

App Search Part I

Today I thought I’d do a little review of some time management apps for the android phone.

I got one of those new gadgets for Christmas.  I’ve been looking for ways to track things, and as the phone is always with me it is logical that a good app would be great to help keep me organized.  My criteria for the app - easy to use, not a memory hog, and it must be free.  I’ve enough demands on my pocketbook that spending money on apps that I don’t know gives me some trepidation.  So I go to Google Play and go to the apps and I search on Notebooks.  I’ve downloaded several and over the next few weeks give my impressions on the ones I’ve downloaded and used.

The first app I’m looking at is notebook.

I liked it.  It has adds in the corner, which is fine, adds = free as someone may catch my attention and I go to their site and the app gets paid for my click.  Win win as far as I’m concerned.

Notebook is easy to use.  You have pages and can write notes down.  Easy to use.  However as I got going with it I could only have up to 10 pages.  I could upgrade and pay for the full app.  While it did what it said, it only works on the phone and I didn’t find it as easy for me to use as I had wished.  So I uninstalled this app and went looking for another…

More on my quest for a good app next week…

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