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Blog Ring of Power Interview with Sally Franklin Christie

Today's Blog Ring of Power's guest is Sally Franklin Christie, the Author of Milk Carton People.  Today is the wrap up of her five part interview.  The first four parts can be found here:

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So here is a brief Bio for Sally and the conclusion of her interview.

Sally Franklin Christie has spent her life achieving incredibly average goals. Her challenges and choices have led to into the world of organizing for social change,civil rights and helping people navigate in a world filled with physical barriers and discrimination.  She photographs and paints landscapes,when she isn’t at the computer researching,networking and writing. Special interests include Missing Children and Adults,Astronomy,Character Traits and Criminal Thinking. 

Sally's Words of Wisdom

Tell us about your route to success –did you use an agent? How did you land your agent and/or publisher? 

For me, I studied and practiced the craft and skills involved in noveling.  Then it turned out to be a matter of who I knew.  I am a regular and moderator at The Writer’s Chatroom where I met Kim Richards who owns Eternal Press.  She needed a Marketing Manager and I told her that while I might be inexperienced, I was loyal and would do the best job I could do.  She hired me and I have taken wing.  I submitted If I Should Die and it was accepted.  Then in April of last year, I submitted Milk Carton People. 

What are the most important elements of good writing? 

Know how writing works.  Then practice it.  Do not experiment or make up your own rules until you master the basics.  The idea part of writing is a solitary experience but after that you have to be able to re-create as a team.  You’ll be working with a cover artist, an editor and a marketing staff.  If you cannot work as a team with give and take you are not going to provide your product as the best it can be. 

 Do you have any advice for other writers? 

Practice is the Best Teacher.  Never say anything online that you cannot take back.  Say thank you, often.  Be graceful, some people will love you and others will be critical, they all gave you some of their time, so thank them and feel honored.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

The woman who appears at the back of my book is a real woman.  Some of her remains were found in Montana and no one has stepped forward to claim her as one of their own.  This is sad.  She was a baby once, her parents held her in their arms and imagined a bright future for her.  Are they missing her?  What brought her to Montana?  What were her dreams?  Who discarded her beside the road like that?  I hope I can have the smallest part in her identification.  I hope someday she has a name.

Sally on the Web:

Blog:     Life is a Story – Tell it Big
Other:  Buy Links for Milk Carton People and Buy Links for If I Should Die
Is your book in print, ebook or both?
Both are available in e-format and print. 

Thank you, all five of you.  
 - Sally

About the book:
Caught Between the Quick and the Dead.
Milk Carton People is a paranormal thriller about people who suddenly find themselves invisible,able to observe things but unable to participate. Do they go mad? Maybe they find others. It is quite possible that there is no point in being invisible. This is a book that plays on the very thin line of sanity and pure despair. The characters act and react to the new challenges and the reader gets to go along for the ride.
“Some of them are never found,you know.”
“I wonder how many people out there have figured out they can do this?”
“We’ve been waiting for you.”
I’m going to wake up,now,and go about my day with my cup
of coffee. By the time I get to work,the whole thing will disappear
like all dreams. I won’t even remember it.
She turned away from the little tree and took a few steps down
the sidewalk. She intended to turn back toward the book store
again,to somehow retake control of her destiny. As if turning
back would give everyone one more chance to tell her it was all in
fun and she was such a good sport.
Just then,a woman in an electric blue colored coat,walked
right into her.
“Excuse,me,” Ruth began and stopped speechless. For one
long,drawn out,slow motion,nightmare second,her vision was
obscured by a brownish red filter which blurred everything before
her. She felt hot,sticky,and confined. A cloying odor of spoiled
hamburger made her gasp for clean air. She tasted copper pennies
in her mouth. At the same time Ruth heard a gurgling noise and
a squeak and as the whole event suddenly ended she heard a plop
like pudding falling from a spoon back into the bowl.
A sudden cold sweat competed with stomach acid lurching
into her throat. Ruth swallowed it back and turned to watch as
the woman in electric blue continued walking down the sidewalk
without breaking stride. Ruth watched the woman in the electric
blue coat disappear around the corner.
“No,” Ruth said aloud with authority. “No,” she repeated.
She walked to the nearest building and stood close to the cold bricks in the shadows.
I have to go home.

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