Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sometimes You Have To Reach Deep Inside

There are so many things to learn, and if your eyes are open, and your mind is engaged, you can find little lessons everywhere.

I have a daughter who is in her High School Marching Band.  As such I go to the football games to watch the band.  It is an interesting phenomena that if the Band is really great, after the half time show the stands empty because the visiting team has so many points the home team has no chance of winning.

Fortunately, the football team is also strong.  So I get to enjoy a great football game and a wonderful halftime show with the band.

Let me set the stage.  The High School is a 6A school.  In the division the ball team competes with the school is ranked No. Two.  Their arch Rivals from across town are ranked Three.  Both teams are undefeated.  They played a few weeks ago.

The game lived up to the hype, and it started off well.  We had a great kick off return, we intercepted a touchdown pass in the end zone.  It was a glorious start.  But as rivalry games go, they are so emotion charged and unpredictable, we lost the game.

Last week we were at home, and the Number One Ranked team came to town to play.  Having come off a loss I wondered how the team would do.  The visiting team received the opening kick and ran 90 yards for the touch down.  8 seconds into the game and it is 0-7. 

I won't give a total recap of the game, however we did pull ahead.  In the forth quarter the visitors were putting together a drive to pull ahead and win. 

To me it looked like the team relized that "hey, we can win this game, we can beat these guys!"  So Number 5 Home team was digging in for a win over the Number One visitors.  The team pulled together and stopped the drive, got the ball back and managed to pull of the win.

So my point is this.  We have set backs from time to time.  Life can get tough on us.  Sales are down, relationships have problems.  I can't find the time to work on my writing.  My project is due, and I am no where near ready.  The room I am painting just won't come together. 

However,  if you reach deep inside you can find what it takes to get what you are after done.  Like the high school team coming off a loss to their arch rival, and then facing the number one ranked team, they found a way to upset all the predictions and stop the drive that gave them the win.

If things are not going totally the way you would like them to go, stop and take stock.  The first thing that will need attention, more than likely, is your own outlook.  Your own motivations.  Your own desires. 

Reach inside and tell yourself that you can do this.  You can make the difference in the outcome.  That core belief is what is needed to keep moving forward, and achieving those things you desire. 

Sometimes you have to reach inside, deep inside to come up with a way to succeed.  What are some of the things you do to help you?

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