Thursday, April 19, 2012

Envision Your Vision

Everything that has ever been built has a set of blueprints.  An idea, a dream.

The idea takes shape, a plan is made.

Then with effort, work, and desire the idea slowly evolves into reality.

Set backs come, but that is part of the challenge.  Making a dream come true does not happen overnight.  It takes work, it takes tenacity.  Step by step things take shape until one day the vision becomes a reality.

I've talked with writers who want to publish their books.  I've even published several interviews with writers, and I've joined with several other writer/bloggers in our Blog Ring of Power and done extensive author interviews.  The thing they all have in common is wanting to see their work in print.  They learned their trade. Worked alone, crafted their stories, edited, queried, sent out letters. Waited. Waited.  Waited some more.

 Then success a publisher/agent was interested in their story. 

More editing, more work, but eventually their dream became a reality.

Sticking to the task.  Working when they really didn't want to work.  Just a little more.  Eventally the hard work paid off.  A lot of times the concept and reality don't match up.  But if the dream wasn't envisioned then it would never have become a reality.

So go ahead and dream, but dream big.  Don't be afraid to have big dreams.  If they are to come true the work needed to make them a reality may be hard, but if the dream is worth it, the work needed will be worth it as well.

Everything is created twice.  Once in the mind, and then again in reality.

Follow up on the dreams, learn what it will take to make it come true.  If it is you passion, and you have the drive and if it is something worth pursuing then the dream will be a reality.

Don't quit, never give up.  Stick to it.  Set those goals, put time aside to work on it.  Eventually you will succeed.  Dreams have power.  Use that power to succeed. 


E.B. Black said...

My dream is making a living as a writer and I certainly put a lot of effort into writing, editing, and promoting my writing, every day, but I'm not so sure it's enough.

Dean C. Rich said...

That is the hardest part of life, balancing reality with dreams. Writing full time will take a lot of work. My advice, find a balance and keep at it. support yourself, and give yourself time to write.