Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's Time Management Tip: Getting It All Together

When I was younger, I loved T-shirts. (Still do for that matter, although the times and places I can wear them are few and far between.) T-shirts were like bumper stickers for people. Lots of witty sayings. One of my favorites read:

“I finally got it all together, but
I forgot where I put it.”

Getting it together is one thing, keeping it together is a balancing act. A key to help keep it all together is to have your schedule/calendar in one place. With all the new technology and phones, computers, etc pick one place to track all your activities. Do not keep track of your activities on two or three devices/calendars.

It may seem like a “no brainer” or duh? It is simple, but one place for everything. If you track children or other people’s schedules, one place makes it important. Color code activities such as personal vs. work time; or if you are tracking multiple people each individual a color. This will identify potential conflicts. It will also enable you to block out sections of a day or week for what you want to do, or need to do.

Just don’t forget where you put the calendar once you have it going!


Donna said...

Every year I buy a 2' x 3' year at a glance laminated calendar and color code things. Problem is my hubby forgets to checks it. *sigh*

Dean C. Rich said...

finding what works and sticking to it is over half the battle!